The Best of Albert Watson

Albert Watson is a veteran of international fine art-, fashion- and commercial photography, a non-conformist intellectual and uncompromising creative force. The multitalented photographer, director and graphic designer has developed an iconic style of his own and created a luminous artistic body of work, in both technical and aestethic terms. Throughout his career, Albert Watson has created a wide variety of images, perfecting and reinvisioning reality through his innovative eye and personal understanding of beauty. His work is complex, nuanced and extremely versatile: landscape photography, portraits, nudes and still-lives are part of his oeuvre, emphasizing the artist’s varied approach to his subject matters.Images of Mick Jagger, a chimpanzee’s hand, or Alfred Hitchcock, holding a plucked goose, have become globally recognizable as the work of one of the world’s most celebrated photographers today.The exhibition „THE BEST OF ALBERT WATSON“ shows a comprehensive selection of his most prominent work.