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Robert Polidori

Preiss Fine Arts shows a fascinating selection of the great works of Canadian star photographer Robert Polidori. The artworks will be on view and available for purchase for the first time ever in Austria.The famous photographs of the Palace of Versailles are shown in the exhibition, as well as full-color photographs of Havana and the Russian Kremlin. Polidori depicts the photographed buildings and places with all their contradictions. He regards his subjects from a sober distance in order to find an emblematic moment and join the past and present into a single image. Robert Polidori is a master of spatial aesthetics. His images seem quiet, yet an extraordinary power resides within them. Polidori is able to tell the story of mankind through architectural photography.

Robert Polidori

Chateau de Versailles

Robert Polidori

Chateau de Versailles II

Robert Polidori


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