In its exhibition “Uncovered” Preiss Fine Arts presents a great array of fascinating pictures by the most famous photographers of our era, each of which portrays and interprets the naked body in its own distinct and exciting way. The final result is a mix of charismatic photography and intimate studies of the human body that is by no means cliché.The masterpieces shown will include works by Albert Watson, the master of all styles; Mark Seliger, one of the most prized photographers in the world and Sante D`Orazio, the photographer who sparked the supermodel cult. The works of Austrian photo artist Andreas H. Bitesnich are an absolute must for an exhibition on the human physique. Superb photographs by Guido Argentini, Michel Comte, Rankin, Marc Baptiste, Iris Brosch, and Howard Schatz will also be on display.

Sante D’Orazio

Pamela Anderson

Michel Comte

Zora Nudes

Andreas H. Bitesnich


Albert Watson

Monica Gripman