New York

With it`s new exhibition „NEW YORK CITY“ PREISS FINE ARTS presents carefully selected artworks capturing the unique atmosphere of the worlds most exciting city.

New York – rich and beautiful, glamorous and unpredictable- inspires many artist of the world. PREISS FINE ARTS presents with Liu Bolin, Robert Polidori, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Roxanne Lowit, David Drebin, etc. images of the world’s most famous fine art photographers.

The selection of portraits, landscapes and architecture is wide . The exhibition shows unique masterpieces , various looks and art approaches from the masters of the lenses.

Sought after by collectors and admired by art lovers – PREISS FINE ARTS is looking forward to show artworks from various and the world`s greatest fine art photographers like Liu Bolin, Olivio Barbieri, Robert Polidori, Arthur Elgort, David Drebin and many more.

The exhibited images are masterpieces of fine art photography –fabulous, arty and a celebration of the visual richness of NYC!

The gallery’s online shop is unique in the world, with a comprehensive portfolio that provides a representative and aesthetically impressive overview of contemporary artistic developments in fine art photography – making the extensive oeuvres of the most prestigious photographers in the world available to art enthusiasts and collectors in a very special way.

Beautiful collector pieces and special items available at

Roxanne Lowit

Yves Saint Laurent

Arthur Elgort

Wendy Whitelaw