Iconic Idols by Roxanne Lowit

Roxanne Lowit’s portfolio is a tribute to the world of glamour and the creative elite. After more than three decades of celebrity and backstage photography, Roxanne Lowit has become a star herself and Lowit’s photographic work has left its mark. With her unmistakable style, she shapes the visual culture of an era. Her works are documents and write contemporary history at the same time. Roxanne Lowit created legendary portraits, wonderful compositions of personality, technical perfection and atmosphere. She brought Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali to the camera just as much as Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Kate Moss, Elizabeth Taylor or Mick Jagger. With “ICONIC IDOLS” Preiss Fine Arts presents for the first time with a comprehensive solo show the outstanding works of the photo icon Roxanne Lowit in Europe. The sales exhibition of the gallery for contemporary photography shows numerous works in black and white and color: intense images of great personalities from the past 30 years – from the legendary Studio 54 to the Hollywood stars of today.