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Andreas H. Bitesnich – Erotic

Andreas H. Bitesnich is considered one of the greatest photographers of our time, particularly in the genre of nude photography. In the new exhibition titled Erotic, Preiss Fine Arts will present, for the first time, works by Andreas Bitesnich that show a never-before seen side of his artistry. Unlike his earlier more sculptural works, Bitesnich explores new creative avenues to create directly emotional, daring nudes. With this photo artist’s new works, Preiss Fine Arts puts the focus on an original portrayal of the human body. An Oriental muse is highlighted in six color schemes and set in an artificial vintage scenario – intense eroticism pervades throughout. Bitesnich’s central themes also characterize his new cycle of nudes: a strong and sensual woman who dares to be naked, posing unabashedly in extreme positions. Bitesnich puts his work into context with the story of his own family, showing unpublished nudes photographed by his grandfather in the 1920s.

Andreas H. Bitesnich

Erotic Nude VI

Andreas H. Bitesnich

Erotic Nude VII

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