All About Colour


ALL ABOUT COLOUR is the showcase of seven of today‘s greatest photographers, showing how infinitely versatile the universe of colors and the play with shapes can be. The shown works of the international photo artists entice the observer with fascinating motives and colour compositions into a world of the beautiful and the illusion.

HOWARD SCHATZ is a master of staging using spectacular choice of colours to turn people into animals. His favorite element of water, the onetime doctor, combines with the expressive form of dance and the human figure. GUIDO ARGENTINI creates with his female acts a colourful and erotic universe. The feminine portraits of GUY AROCH exude the atmosphere of a warm summer evening with their soft and gentle colouring. A symbol of summer: the blue shimmering swimming pool by MARC BAPTISTE.

IRIS BROSCH loves the confrontation with the old masters and the changeability of women. The breathtaking perspective shots of DAVID DREBIN, his shining cities, are the main elements of the artistic work of the Canadian camera star.